Conducting Footage

  • The Adventure Begins! (Space Opera)2:06
  • John in the Cornfields (SciFi)3:23
  • Space Odyssey (Genre)2:50
  • A New Planet (Space Opera)1:41
  • Final Battle (Space Opera)1:28


“Vinny’s enthusiasm and his score ‘Sketches of Cinema’ are both adventurous and admirable. I wish him many successes!” - André Previn (Composer & Conductor)

“Vincent’s music is melodically classical yet unafraid to introduce new ideas… a reminder of the great scores I grew up listening to, with a modern and surprising twist.  I can’t wait to hear what he does next.” – Damon Lindelof (Writer/Producer of TOMORROWLAND, STAR TREK INTO DARNKESS, LOST, THE LEFTOVERS and HBOs upcoming WATCHMEN series)

"Vinny’s scores are wonderfully dynamic. Whether he’s working with stripped down instrumentation or full throated orchestration, he consistently creates truly evocative melodies. I hope to hear more of his music in future films.” - Brigham Taylor (Producer of THE JUNGLE BOOK, CHRISTOPHER ROBIN and the upcoming remake of THE SWORD IN THE STONE for Walt Disney Studios)

“Vincent Oppido is one of the most promising, up and coming composers on the scene. The first time I listened to his music I was transported back to a time when movie composers like John Williams were integral to giving a melody to Steven Spielberg’s rich characters. Each one of his melodies evokes a sweetness, a sense of adventure, and a scope of wonder, that I feel is lacking in most scores today.” – Lauren Ruggiero (VP Script Original Series at SPIKE TV/THE PARAMOUNT NETWORK

“Vincent’s music is nostalgic, classic and fresh all at once” – Amanda Narkis (WB Music)

“Vincent’s music brings me back to the wonderful films of my childhood all the while adding a new and surprising flair.  He is certainly one of the most promising and talented composers I have worked with.” – Erik Counter (EVP Domestic Creative Advertising Sony)

“Vincent Oppido was a star amongst the country’s brightest talent at USC.  I expect him to follow a trajectory into his niche in the business exemplified by fellow Trojans George Lucas, Michael Tilson Thomas, Ron Howard, or Marco Beltrami.  He has Old World knowledge with New World perspectives - his music is ever evolving with his virtuoso technique while maintaining an emotional core and accessibility so well suited to dramatic underscore.  I’m always looking forward to the next great work from Vinny Oppido!” Pete Anthony (Orchestrator/Conductor for James Newton Howard, Danny Elfman, Marco Beltrami, John Powell)

“I met Vinny when I led a composing workshop in Aspen about 10 years ago.  Vinny was one of the students and I was impressed by the mature nature of his music—especially his orchestral compositions. He definitely stood out from the other students. Over the years, we have kept in touch and Vinny has done some orchestrating for me on various projects.   He has a deep love for and knowledge of film music and I always find him a pleasure to work with!” - Marco Beltrami (Composer FANTASTIC FOUR, HURT LOCKER, 3:10 TO YUMA)

“Vincent Oppido is a fine composer and a terrific conductor; he knows the orchestra well and his music would enhance any film.” -- Jon Burlingame (Film Music Historian and Contributing Writer to Variety)

“Vinny Oppido is one of the top young composers in Hollywood today.  Having had the privilege of working with Vinny on several film projects I can with complete confidence fully endorse his artistry and professionalism. He would be a true asset to any film project and brings a unique musical voice to the forefront of the film scores he’s composed.” - Peter Rotter (Music Contractor)

Industry Testimonials


  • Stalled Car1:37
  • An Assassin's Routine3:00
  • The Final Straw2:08
  • Sergey's Theme1:53

VINCENT OPPIDO (composer) is a rising talent in Hollywood. Oppido’s music is “melodically classical yet unafraid to introduce new ideas” (Damon Lindelof). His music has been performed and recorded in Europe and Japan, and across the United States from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood scoring stages of Warner Brothers and Sony Studios. Oppido’s recent scoring credits include the indie films Alien Code (Archstone/Sony Home Pictures - starring Kyle Gallner and Richard Schiff), Watch the Sky (Breaking Glass Pictures - starring Renee O’Connor), and the upcoming CollegeHumor series Troopers. Other writing credits include original music for Sinclair Oil's 2017 commercial advertisements and musical source arrangements for projects such as It Happened In LA (Sundance Selected) and the upcoming Paramount Pictures film What Men Want. He has also composed additional music for projects including Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween and TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything.  Also a conductor and orchestrator, Oppido has worked on projects such as Season 8 of Fortnite, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 and Cobra Kai. His first job in Hollywood, as a music proofreader, enabled him to work on dozens of motion pictures and television shows including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Frozen, Family Guy and The 2013 Oscars.

Vincent Oppido

  • Flying Theme2:13
  • Fantasy Cue2:30
  • Ancient Rome3:10
  • Short Ride Through A Colorful Sketch1:15

  • A Son Remembers1:38
  • Loneliness1:12
  • Dinner at the Nightclub (Source Music)4:04
  • The Wild West0:46



  • Watch the Sky7:54
  • The Pursuit of Freedom (In Another Land Theme)2:09
  • An Assassin's Routine3:00
  • A Son Remembers1:38
  • The Lost Soul3:21

  • Prelude to A Lovely Day1:40
  • Don't Look Back2:54
  • Midnight Burial7:14
  • The Visitors from Shadow Hill1:38
  • The Game Begins1:41
  • Surviving the Night2:44




Featured Music


Haunted Halloween

  • Dance of the Mad Magician3:27
  • Ungrateful Dead1:18
  • Witch, Please!3:33

  • Stargazers Soliloquy3:59
  • In Search of Meaning1:28
  • Alabama, 19552:16
  • Remembrance2:28
  • Leaving Home1:03
  • Elegy3:06

  • Psychodelic Murder2:55
  • The Lost Soul3:21
  • Atmospheric Spaces1:35
  • The Devil's In Your Dreams0:43

  • A Swashbucklin' Good Time0:32
  • Heroes Collide (Marvel)2:17
  • The Battle at Dark Castle (Space Opera)3:19
  • The Valkyrian's (Space Opera)1:42
  • Vin's Ship from (Space Opera)1:22
  • The Townspeople Search (SciFi)1:36