ROMERO, RAUL MARTIN (writer) is a writer of grit, pain, laughter, and fabulousness. His stories are rooted in an obscure childhood north of Madrid where he wandered dark, ancient hallways of a 15th century castle while his mother mopped the floors for the next day’s tour groups. The experience, both fascinating and terrifying, fueled his wild urge to imagine fantastical worlds. Outside those walls, the real world was a lot harder to escape. He knew that sneaking into his sister’s room and playing with her dolls was not “normal.” At an early age, Raul developed a duality that he struggled to cope with – a public “normal” side of himself and a private, more familiar one. Raul spent his teenage years searching for his voice, both as a person and a writer. Years later, while finishing his English studies, he connected with talented dreamers, writers, and filmmakers who helped him reconcile the two parts of his duality and redefine his own perception of “normal.” Since then, he has developed a variety of short films, TV pilots, and web series. In 2011, Raul moved to Los Angeles to work as an educator within the Hispanic community, where he continues to draw inspiration for stories that reflect a sometimes painful but other times wonderful way of dealing with one’s duality.

​SANCHEZ IV, PAUL (director/writer) was homeless for five years before getting a MFA from AFI. His background combined with his Hispanic heritage gives him a unique perspective, a deep sense of empathy, and a wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to his work. Paul was born in white, affluent, Darien, CT. After his father left, Paul's mother changed their names out of fear of having a Hispanic last name in a town that reminded darker-skinned people not to “let the sun go down on them.”  At 15, Paul's mother disappeared. Paul has directed music videos and films for such bands as: REM, The Dandy Warhols, Moby, The Zambonis, etc. In the 1990s, Paul was Moby’s touring keyboardist & documentarian. Paul is currently writing a feature film for Intrigue Entertainment and another for Moby.


SHERMAN, ELIZABETH (writer) is a graduate of Baylor University who grew up playing tennis until a dislocated shoulder her senior year led to a focus on storytelling. Elizabeth currently works on NBC’s Chicago Fire as a Writers’ and Showrunner’s Assistant. Elizabeth co-wrote episode 714 of Chicago Fire with showrunner Derek Haas, which aired on February 13th, 2019 and has begun work on another episode she will be writing this season – this time solo. As a child, Elizabeth split her time playing in dirt piles on her dad’s construction sites and watching her grandpa tend beehives between games of chess. During those chess matches, her grandpa, a Korean War Air Force nurse, encouraged curiosity in everything – instilling an excitement about learning and a love of story.  This passion continued into adulthood where Elizabeth became fascinated with mythology and history, which she combines with whimsy and reason to inform her writing. Elizabeth resides in Los Angeles, where she enjoys baking, yoga, and practicing Jiu Jitsu.

HIOTT, TYLER (writer) grew up in Frisco, Texas, and was lucky enough to grow up in a playground of a town for any young would-be filmmaker. Tyler made his first feature film as a sophomore at The University of Texas where he graduated with a BS in Radio/Television/Film After college, Tyler spent two years as a full-time Video Producer at Hillside Christian Church in Amarillo, Texas before tying the knot with his wife, Kendall, and moving back down to Austin in 2014. Tyler currently works as a media associate at Austin Oaks Church in southwest Austin. Tyler often writes scripts with long time friend, at REJ client, Ben Davis.

BASIL, ALEXIE (writer) has written many scripts about running away but promises that has nothing to do with being from Kentucky. After graduating from a “Persistently Lowest Achieving” high school (official title), she went on to NYU Tisch’s Film and Television Program where her writing gained recognition through the Oliver Stone Screenwriting Award, the Richie Jackson Artist Fellowship, semi-finals at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and the Willard T. C. Johnson Fellowship. Today, she strives to create content that shows kids in tough situations that they aren’t alone. She is currently based in New York City, where she lives with her husband, Carl, and puppies, Bucky and Lulu, and is currently writing a SciFi Feature for a NY-based production company.

DREW, KYLE (Director/Writer) hails from Stone Mountain, Georgia, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Kyle's parents were both born in the middle of Jim Crow South. His Mother is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is now a prominent judge in Georgia. His Father is from Richmond, Virginia, and became an Attorney. His parents met in at Emory Law School in Atlanta and stayed there after school. Kyle was an athlete turned pianist after high school and received a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and a Minor in Business Marketing from Morehouse College. After college, Kyle's Father gifted him a Canon 7d,  where he shot and edited, more rap videos than he can count. However, he felt that the more he learned about cinema, the less he knew. Someone told him about film school.  Kyle got a Master's in Fine Arts in Film and Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where he focused on directing, writing, and cinematography. Summer 2015, he founded his own business, he produced a music video for ROC NATION. Kyle went on to work for Buzzfeed and other digital companies. In 2018 Kyle ended up at Kenya Barris' company for a year, where he helped pitched shows and got a deal of my own at Netflix for a show called FNSE.  Kyle is currently at Studio 71 as a producer for a channel called World Star.  Ta-Nehisi Coates said, 'you can't fight myths with facts,' so that's why Kyle strives to people in African American Diaspora in his works to create new myths. Kyle hopes that through his work, people start seeing the world a little differently. 

DAVIS, BEN (director/writer) grew up in Dallas, TX. Through Davis’ childhood his father was a Taco Bueno manager and his mother bounced between staying at home to care for Ben and his three younger siblings or working as a part-time police dispatcher. The family constantly faced financial hardships, living in nine different residents from kindergarten to graduation. Upon graduating high school Ben went to work and live on a mission in Cordoba, Mexico for four months where he decided to attend film school at Baylor University. Ben has directed commercials for Fortune 500 companies such as Metro by T Mobile, Netflix, PS4, and BP Oil. Ben’s Southern Christian upbringing and passion for his socially and politically liberal outlook offers a distinct perspective at how faith, family, traditional Midwestern values, and the American dream fit in the modern age. His stories tend to show that with faith and perseverance, even the most broken souls can accomplish beautiful things.